Operations Division

Specialized firearms and tactical training for individuals, public and private organizations. Our Mobile Training Unit comprised of highly experienced and specialized former military, law enforcement and security personnel is able to meet your training needs anywhere in the Americas.

Firearms & Tactics Training

  • Handgun Training
  • Carbine Training
  • Shotgun Training
  • CCW Training
  • Precision Rifle Training
  • Street Officer Survival Training
  • High Risk Environment Officer Survival Training
  • SWAT Training
  • National Rifle Association Courses

Individual Protection Training

  • Executive Protection Training
  • Advanced Executive Protection Training
  • High Risk Protective Operations Training

Corporate Security Consulting & Training Division

Protect your assets against any threats to include but not limited to Organized Crime.

Citadel International provides professional risk management services from International Companies to Small Businesses to help organizations prevent threats and reduce risks. Citadel International provides clients with a comprehensive set of assessments and training services designed to meet the organizations objectives. We provide systematic risk assessments to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities, and then develop integrated security programs with comprehensive contingency plans.

Citadel International specializes in serving Companies with interests and businesses in Mexico, Central and South America.


Citadel International solutions include:

I. Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
II. Security Assessments & Training
III. Emergency Action Planning
IV. Physical & Technological Security Assessment
V. Security Master Plan Development & Implementation
VI. Special Services and Custom Training Curriculum

  • Extortion Threat Avoidance & Response
  • Hostile Threat Avoidance & Response
  • Kidnapping Avoidance & Response
  • International Traveler Safety Best Practices
  • Self-Defense
  • Residential & Family Security
  • Coordination with Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies


Global Intelligence & Investigations Division

c.Better preparation means better protection. Anticipate and avoid potential threats with global intelligence specifically designed to your needs and area of operations.

I. Risk Assessments
II. Travel Risk Analysis
III. Incident Analysis
IV. Special Investigations

Law Enforcement Consulting & Training Division

Specialized and customized training for law enforcement agencies designed to improve your organization’s readiness and effectiveness to prevent and suppress crime.


I. Customized Law Enforcement Organization Development & Training
II. Firearms & Tactical Training
III. Executive Protection Training for Dignitaries
IV. High Risk Protective Operations Training.
V. SWAT Training
VI. CALEA Accreditation Guidance & Audits
VII. ACA Accreditation Guidance & Audits.
VIII. Training in a wide variety of subjects:
VIII. Training in a wide variety of subjects:
  • Law Enforcement.
  • Crime Prevention.
  • Criminology.
  • Investigations.
  • Intelligence.
  • Interview and Interrogation.
  • Techniques.
  • Organized Crime.
  • Active Shooter Training.
    Customized training to meet your organization’s needs.